Push Button Momentary Switch with 3 LEDs

  • 795


This module contain a momentary switch and 4 LEDs. It is designed to be a debugging aid for Engimusing microcontroller modules. One LED is connected to the power signal. The other three LEDs are on the 3 microcontroller pins. This module can also be used for general purpose applications that need a momentary switch and/or some LED indicators.  


  • C&K Racon 8 Momentary Switch
  • Four Green LEDs
  • CT10-1540-G1 Reed switch
    • Operates from 10-40 AT magnetic field
    • 500mA maximum switched current
    • 200VDC maximum switched DC voltage
    • 140VAC maximum switched AC voltage
    • 115mContact resistance
  • 6 pin DF11 Male Right Angle Connector
  • Small Size: PCB is 20mm x 20mm (0.79" x 0.79")


  • General Purpose Switch
  • Reset Switch for Engimusing Microcontroller Modules

Eagle Files
CT10-1540-G1 Reed switch Data Sheet

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