EFM32QUAD - EFM Processor with Dual RS232 Interfaces and Four DF11 10 pin Connector Sites

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This module contains an EFM32WG840 Gecko low power microcontroller and dual RS232 Interfaces. Up to four DF11 I/O modules can be plugged on with no soldering allowing multiple sensors and/or controllers to be used. It can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. It works with the easy to use Arduino IDE programming environment. It is small but powerful and is a great learning tool. It can be used in industrial strength products. It can be used with the openHAB home automation system for sensors that can be connected to the server via USB.


  • EFM32WG840 Gecko Microcontroller
    • ARM Cortex-M4
    • Low Power Operation
    • 256KB Flash Memory
    • 32KB RAM
    • 48MHz Clock FrequencyFlexible Energy Management
        20nA Shutoff Mode, 0.65µA Stop Mode, 0.95µA Deep Sleep Mode, 63µA/MHz Sleep Mode, 225µA/MHz Run Mode
    • DMA Controller
    • Peripheral Reflex System
    • Hardware AES Encryption
    • Timers/Counters
      • 4x 16-bit Timer/Counter
      • 4x3 Compare/Capture/PWM Channels
      • 16-bit Low Energy Timer
      • 24-bit Real-Time Counter
      • 32-bit Real-Time Counter
      • 3x 16/8-bit Pulse Counter
      • Watchdog Timer with dedicated RC oscillator at 50nA
    • Communication Interfaces
      • 2x Low Energy UART
      • 3x USART/UART Interfaces
      • 2x I2C Interface
    • Ultra low power precision analog peripherals
      • 12-bit 1 Msample/second Analog to Digital Converter
      • 8 single ended or 4 differential channels
      • On-chip temperature sensor
      • 12-bit 500K samples/second Digital to Analog Converter
      • Two analog comparators
      • Three operational amplifiers
        • 6.1M Hz Gain Bandwidth
        • Rail to Rail Operation
        • Programmable Gain
        • Supply Voltage Comparator
  • Four DF11 10 Pin Female Connector with +3.3V, Ground, and 8 I/O pins.
  • DF11-10 I/O are overloaded with multiple microcontroller pins
  • Two DF11-4 RS232/Power Connectors
  • 6 Pin DF11 Right Angle Male Connector for Programming and Debug
  • May be Programmed with the Arduino IDE
  • Small Size: PCB is 20mm x 48mm (0.79" x 1.89")


  • Home Automation
  • Home Security
  • Connected Appliances
  • Smart Energy
  • Machine to Machine Communication

Eagle Files
EFM32WG840 Gecko Microcontroller Data Sheet

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