Hall Effect Current Sensor with EFM Processor and Dual RS232 Interfaces

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This module contains an Allegro ACS716 Hall Effect Current Sensor. This module allows accurate measurement of AC or DC current. The current is measured and the ACS716 outputs a voltage that is proportional to the current.

The module also contains an EFM32ZG108 Gecko low power microcontroller and two RS232 serial ports allowing it to be daisy chained in a network. Pre-Programmed for use in an openHAB Home Automation system or can be Re-Programmed for other uses.

The device comes in three variants based on maximum current:

  • ±6A that has sensitivity of 100mV/A  
  • ±12.5A that has sensitivity of 37mV/A
  • ±25A that has sensitivity of 18.5mV/A

You should choose the one with the highest sensitivity that can handle the maximum current you will  be passing through it.


  • Allegro ACS716 Hall Effect Current Sensor
    • Precise AC or DC Current Sensing
    • 1mΩ primary conductor resistance
    • Low-offset linear Hall Effect sensor
    • Copper conduction path
    • High isolation voltage 3000 VAC
    • Working voltage up to 277 VAC
    • 3µs output rise time response to step input current
  • +3.6V to +6V Input Voltage
  • Power management designed for very low standby power
  • EFM32ZG108 Gecko Microcontroller
    • ARM Cortex-M0+
    • Low Power Operation
    • 32KB Flash Memory
    • 4KB RAM
  • MAX3232 Dual RS232 Line Driver/Receiver
  • Two 4 Pin DF11 Right Angle Male Connectors each with Power and RS232
  • 6 Pin DF11 Right Angle Male Connector for Programming and Debug
  • Pre-Programmed with openHAB Item Firmware for Plug-and-Play
  • Pre-Programmed Firmware is Designed for Low Power Operation
  • May be Programmed with the Arduino IDE
  • Small Size: PCB is 20mm x 20mm (0.79" x 0.79")


  • Home Automation
  • Motor Control
  • Load Detection and Management
  • Fault Protection

Eagle Files
ACS716 Hall Effect Current Sensor Data Sheet



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