Barometric Pressure Sensor with DF11 10-Pin I/O Connector

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This module contains MPL115A1 Digital MEMS Barometer and contains a pressure and a temperature sensor.


  • Freescale MPL115A1 Barometric Pressure Sensor
    • Pressure sensor:
      • Range: 50-115 kPa
      • Resolution: 0.15 kPa
      • Accuracy: ±1 kPa
    • Temperature sensor:
      • Range -40 to +105 ºC
      • Resolution: 0.2 ºC
    • Low current consumption
    • Conversion time of 1 ms
    • Accurate pressure measurement from 50 to 115 KPa
    • Integrated ADC and signal conditioning for low noise operation
    • Factory calibrated with calibration data stored in internal ROM
    • Using calibration data raw data can render Compensated Absolute Pressure with 1 kPa accuracy
  • +2.375V to +5.5V Input Voltage
  • Power management designed for very low standby power
  • Small Size: PCB is 20mm x 20mm (0.79" x 0.79")
  • 10 Pin DF11 Male Connector to allow installation on an Engimusing Processor with DF11-10 I/O


  • Barometry
  • Altimeters
  • Weather Stations
  • Air control system monitoring

Eagle Files
MPL115A1 Barometric Pressure Sensor Data Sheet




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