Garage Controller

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This module can be used to control two garage doors with a smart phone. The module includes:

  • The EFM24 Dual DC Relay Module that can connect to two garage door switches and up to four sensors.
  • The FTDI USB RS232 Interface and USB Mini-B connector that is used to bring power to the module. It can also be used for programming and connection to a server.
  • Two RS232 interfaces connected to 4-pin DF11 connectors. These interfaces will supply +5V power and communication to other boards and/or a server connected in a home automation network.
  • A TMP102 temperature sensor.
  • A NOA1212 ambient light sensor.
  • An MQ7 Carbon Monoxide sensor.
  • Two CPC1002N DC relays to connect in parallel with your garage door switches.
  • A DF11 10-pin connector that can be used to add on a radio module for wireless control.
  • Three QRE1113 reflective object sensors that can be used for switches.
  • A 10-pin FPC connector that can be used to connect an LCD display.
  • 6 GPIO pins for control or monitors.


Schematic Rev D
Board Files Rev D
Schematic Rev C
Board Files Rev C
EFM32WG842 Gecko Microcontroller Data Sheet
CPC1002N DC Solid State Relay Data Sheet
TMP102 Temperature Sensor Data Sheet
NOA1212 Ambient Light Sensor Data Sheet
QRE1113 Reflective Object Sensor Data Sheet Data Sheet
MQ7 Carbon Monoxide sensor Data Sheet




Things that you may need that are not included:

  • If you are not using wireless or connecting through the USB Mini-B connector you will need a cable with at least 4 wires that you can run from your computer that you will be using for your openHAB server. This can be purchased at your local home center or on-line. Look for 22/4 Security Cable. You could even use some left over Ethernet CAT5 cable if you wanted.
  • A USB Mini-B cable to connect the controller to your computer for programming.
  • A USB Mini-B charger to supply power to the module if you are using a wireless option.
  • A computer to act as your openHAB server. If you choose a wireless option you may be able to connect to a cloud based MQTT/openHAB service.

You also may want to add sensors that can tell you if the door is open or closed. There are a lot of ways to do this, for example you could install a push button switch that would be pressed when the door is closed. Engimusing has other products that are great for this:

Magnetic Reed Switch Sensors with DF11 I/O Connectors

Mount a magnet on your door and monitor it with a reed switch. This board has two reed switches so it can be used to detect which direction the door is moving. The DF11 4-pin cable version is great for connecting it to a cable. The garage door controller can connect to four reed switches.



Magnetic Reed Switch Sensors with EFM Processor and Dual RS232 Interfaces

An even better reed switch option is this intelligent reed switch module. It will connect using RS232 to your home automation system as a separate node.

Other sensors you might like to add are:

You also might like to put sensors on the other doors and windows in your garage.




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