openHAB Installation for Windows

 These instructions should work for the various versions of Windows. You need to have Java installed. If you don't or don't know go to install it. If you have Java already it will tell you.

Next go to and as shown in the screenshot download the "Runtime core" and the "Addons". Choose the save file option.   

Go to the runtime zip file and give it a double click to open the archive.

Click the "Extract all files" button.

Put in C:\openhab for the destination folder. If you want to put it somewhere else there can not be any spaces in the filename or path.

You should see the files being copied.

Then the C:\openhab folder should look like this.

The "addons" folder is where we will put the Java programs that give us new features. We won't actually implement any addons yet but we will get set up to do it later.

Next we need to copy the addons zip file into the addons folder. So I'm going double click the addons folder to open it up.

Now we are going to copy the addons zip file from the downloads folder to the addons folder.

So then we drag it on to the addons window to start the copy.

When we are ready to install addons we will extract only the files we are going to use. We don't want to extract all the files because openHAB will attempt to run every .jar file that is in the addons directory. Nobody wants to do that. For now we won't install any addons but will wait until we have the basics working first.

Now let's double click the zip file just to view the files.

As you can see there are a lot of addons, scan through them and you will get a feel for what a great project openHAB is.

 Well that is it for the openHAB installation. Now you are ready to move on to the configuration instructions.