openHAB Installation using Linux GUI

These instructions are for Debian based distributions like Ubuntu. I use LinuxMint for these instructions and it will be similar for any Debian based distribution. If your distribution uses RPMs you will have to modify the procedure. If someone with an RPM based system can send us the steps we will add a procedure for RPM also.

We start by opening the Software Sources application in the Administration menu. It will prompt for a password and will need to be done in an administrative account.

When the Software Sources window comes up click the "Additional repositories" button (highlighted in yellow).

Then click the "+ Add a new repository" button.

Copy the following line and paste it in the pop up box:

deb stable main

Then click OK.

You should now see the repository like is highlighted below except that it will have the version you installed.

Now exit from the Software Sources application and open the "Synaptic Package Manager" from the Administration menu.

After it opens click the "Reload" button to update the software sources.

Type "openhab" in the "Quick filter" and scroll until you find the openhab2 package, then highlight the package.

Either right click on it or use the "Package" tab and click "Mark for Installation".

Then click "Apply".

Click "Apply" when the "Summary" pops up.

You should then see the package install.

Click "Close when the "Changes applied" box appears.

You should now see the "openhab2" package highlighted (you may have to scroll to find it).

openHAB is installed now but it is not running. Follow the instructions in this link to start it: Starting openHAB on Linux