openHAB System Layout Examples

There are a lot of different homes and home automation projects so we show a number of examples to help you know what to do in your situation.

This shows what you typically may have in your home. The server is a computer you can use for your openHAB system. You probably have a WIFI router already that you use for phones, tablets, and laptops. So if you have this configuration available you can use it for your openHAB system.

If you purchase our preconfigured openHAB server it looks like this.

Once you have your server you need to connect your modules to the server. This can be done in two ways. If you can connect your modules to the server with a cable you can use this example. Usually this requires a USB to RS232 interface module. You then need to  run a cable to  your modules.

 If you can't connect your modules to the server with a wire you can use the wireless server link version of the modules.

Here is a wired  server link version that can be used in some interesting ways. It also applies to a system you might put together with a Raspberry Pi2, a Beaglebone, or another small computer. With this configuration you could put the server in the garage or by your thermostat or other application.

The wireless server link version is cool because there are no wires. This system would even work without an internet connection.

We will add more examples based on questions and comments we get.