Accelerometer with DF11 10-pin I/O Connector

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This module contains an Analog Devices ADXL362 Accelerometer. A 3-axis accelerometer can sense acceleration in 3 directions (X, Y, and Z). If it were mounted on your head it could tell if you move up or down, right or left, and forward or backward. Not only can it sense dynamic acceleration from motion, shock, or vibration it can measure the static acceleration of gravity to detect if you are tilting. The ADXL362 is a really low power part that can go to sleep and not use hardly any power. It has a motion activated wake up mode you could use so you could use it in a toy and it wouldn't drain the battery unless the toy is being used.



  • Analog Devices ADXL362 Accelerometer
    • Low Operating Power - 1.8µA at 100 Hz sample rate and 3.0µA at 400 Hz sample rate
    • Motion activated wake up mode 270nA
    • Standby current 10nA
    • High resolution: 1mg/LSB
    • Deep FIFO to minimize load on the microcontroller
  • +1.6V to +3.5V Input Voltage
  • 10 Pin DF11 Male Connector to allow installation on an Engimusing Processor with DF11-10 I/O
  • Power management designed for very low standby power
  • Small Size:  20mm x 20mm (0.79" x 0.79")


  • Measure vibration of machines or most anything that moves
  • Motion enabled switches
  • Wireless and wired sensors
  • Home automation

Eagle Files
ADXL362 Data Sheet


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