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This module is designed to help one to learn how to use the openHAB Home Automation System. It contains two momentary switches, an LED, a reed switch, a QRE1117 reflective object proximity sensor, a buzzer, and a potentiometer. The module is meant to be used on a EFM/USB processor module or another Engimusing processor module with a DF11 10 pin female connector. Using a breadboard adapter it could be used in a solderless breadboard also.



  • Two C&K Racon 8 Momentary Switches
  • Green LED
  • CT10-1540-G1 Reed switch
    • Operates from 10-40 AT magnetic field
    • 500mA maximum switched current
    • 200VDC maximum switched DC voltage
    • 140VAC maximum switched AC voltage
    • 115mContact resistance
  • QRE1117 reflective object proximity sensor
    • LED transmitter
    • Phototransistor sensor
  • Piezo Buzzer Transducer CUI CMT-1603-SMT
    • Low current
    • Operating voltage 25Vp-p Maximum
    • Current consumption 3mA at 3Vp-p 4,000 Hz square wave
    • Sound pressure level 70dB at 10cm with 3Vp-p 4,000 Hz square wave
  • Potentiometer
    • 0-10K Range
    • 30VDC Maximum Voltage
  • 10 pin DF11 Male Connector
  • Small Size: PCB is 20mm x 70mm (0.79" x 2.76")


  • Learning Home Automation
  • Learning Basic Electronics

Eagle Files
Bourne Trim Pot TC33 Data Sheet
CMT-1603-SMT Piezo Buzzer Transducer Data Sheet
QRE1113 Reflective Object Sensor Data Sheet
CT10-1540-G1 Reed switch Data Sheet

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