Reflective Object Sensor with 4-pin DF11 Connector

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This module contains a QRE1113 Reflective Object Proximity Sensor. The QRE1113 has an Infrared LED and a Photo-Transistor. When an object gets near, enough light is reflected back to the photo-transistor which causes the output to change. This device is designed for detection of a reflective object that is really close (less that 0.1" or a few millimeters).


  • QRE1113 Reflective Object Sensor
  • Designed for very short range of a few millimeters or less than 0.1"
  • +3.3V to +5V Input Voltage
  • 4 Pin DF11 Male Connector to allow connection to a cable
  • Small Size: PCB is 7mm x 14mm (0.28" x 0.55")

Eagle Files
QRE1113 Reflective Object Sensor Data Sheet


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