openHAB Installation for OSX


Before you can install Openhab you need to have Java installed. Java comes preinstalled on most machines so you probably already have it. If you don't or don't know go to and install it. If you have Java already it will tell you.

Next go to and as shown in the screenshot download the "Runtime core" and the "Addons". If you click on the “Download” icon for each package they will be sent to you “Downloads” directory.

Open the “Downloads” directory so that you can see the files that you just downloaded. They should be the most recent files downloaded.

Your operating system should automatically unzip the files. It may take a couple minutes to complete. If it doesn't just right click and then select extract. Once the files are unzipped rename the directory that was “Openhab” and the directory that was “addons”.

If you open the “addons” directory, you can see that Openhab gives you lots of options to customize your projects.The "addons" folder is where we will put the Java programs that give us new features. We won't actually implement any addons yet but we will get set up to do it later.

Next, move the “addons” folder into the “Openhab” folder. You can do this by dragging and dropping the “addons” folder into the “Openhab” folder. When the prompt asks if you want to replace the existing “addons” folder pops up, click replace. Now, you have a complete “addons” folder for your Openhab server.

Now, copy the “Openhab” directory into the “Applications” directory. Then delete it from the “Downloads” directory. Open HAB can be easily run from here.

Well that is it for the openHAB installation. Now you are ready to move on to the configuration instructions.