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I am an electrical engineer with more years of experience than I like to think about. During the first years of an engineering career one is always aware of how many years of experience one has. The job ads that sound really exciting always seem to ask for a few more years of experience than you have. Eventually this changes and none of the ads ask for more experience than you have. What is a seasoned engineer to do? Well some go into management and become pointy haired bosses. Others opt for a complete career change and sell real estate or whatever. I have solved this problem by starting companies. I started my first company when I was out of engineering school two years. It was a side business at first but eventually became full time with employees. I have worked in my own businesses pretty much since then. I have had some moderate successes and one extreme learning experience. These businesses have allowed me to continue to do leading edge embedded hardware and software design throughout my career. A good portion of the revenue generated from these businesses has come from manufacturing and selling various printed circuit boards we have designed. At Engimusing we will manufacture electronic modules designed for rugged real-world performance for either the engineering professional or for you to just have fun with technology.

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