Eureka caused a Pivot to Home Automation

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It has been a while since our last post due to the "Pivot". Our initial concept for our products was easy to use modules that could be snapped together to build cool stuff quickly. That hasn't really changed but the focus of the modules is now home automation.

Last year we watched the SyFy TV series Eureka on Netflix. The show is set in a fictional town in Oregon called Eureka that is inhabited by scientific geniuses. One of the characters in the show I liked the most was SARAH. SARAH is the artificial intelligence that controlled the sheriffs house. Most of the plot involving SARAH was bizarre and impractical. But since we are currently renovating an old house it got me thinking about what could be done now with home automation and specifically with Engimusing Modules.

I have been interested in home automation for a long time and installed low voltage lighting in a couple of houses and offices years ago. This let us have master panels with lighted switches which added convenience but didn't really add any real automation. Doing much more in the way of automation was difficult and expensive.

We decided to pivot (start up talk for changing direction). We have spent the last year designing modules for home automation and are going to launch soon on Kickstarter. You can see a preview by going to

We think home automation is really cool and hope you will get involved and tell your friends.

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